Everyone--whether you are married or single, cohabiting or living alone, with or without children--should have a Will and Powers of Attorney for financial and health care decisions.  It is also very helpful for your loved ones if you have a Health Care Directive, which gives instructions to your family and health care providers if you are ever in a terminal condition or a permanent, unconscious state.

There is a Washington state law that describes how your property will be distributed in the event that you die without a Will (intestate).  However, that distribution scheme may not work for you.  Who will take care of your children if they are minors when you die?  Who is going to manage the money that you leave for them?

Do you have a preference for the person who will make health care decisions for you if you are not able?  Have you decided who should have access to your accounts and pay your bills if you are in an accident and incapable of doing this for six months?  Announcing who will assist you does not ensure that the person is empowered to act on your behalf.

Many people download Will and Power of Attorney forms off of the internet and use them.  Sometimes those forms work, but often there are elements missing, the documents are subject to misinterpretation, and they could be declared invalid if they are improperly signed. 

Estate planning documents do not have to be expensive.  The best way to ensure that your property is distributed to the correct parties and that your children are properly cared for is to call Lakeview Law and make an appointment.   There is a lot of misinformation about Wills and powers of attorney.  Your questions will be answered quickly and documents prepared that reflect your wishes.  I look forward to working with you!


Gift List
Durable Power of Attorney - Financial
Durable Power of Attorney - Health Care
Health Care Directive (Living Will)
HIPAA Authorization
Community Property Agreement
Separate Property Agreement

Fees - Basic Estate Plan

A basic estate plan includes an extensive office consultation to explain all estate planning documents, characterization of property as community and separate, distribution schemes among your heirs, and assistance with designation of agents (guardian, personal representative, attorney-in-fact), and titling on assets.  The fee also includes drafting, revision, and execution of the Will, Gift List, Durable Power of Attorney for Financial Decisions, Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care Decisions, Health Care Directive (Living Will), HIPAA Authorization, and Disposition of Remains.

    Individual - without children:  $600 (for up to 4 hours*) 
    Individual - with child(ren):  $750 (for up to 5 hours*)

    Couple - without children:  $900 (for up to 6 hours*)

    Couple - with child(ren):  $1,000 (for up to 7 hours*)
*If additional time is required due to unforeseen issues or extensive revisions, attorney’s fees at $225 per hour will apply.

Fees - Complex Estate Plan

Fees for an estate plan that requires trusts or additional services for titling assets will be discussed with clients and fees agreed to in advance.

Fees - A La Carte*
    Community and Separate Property Agreements:  To be Determined
    Financial Power of Attorney:  $150
    Health Care Power of Attorney:  $150
    Health Care Directive (Living Will):  $75
    HIPPA Authorization:  $75
*Fee includes consultation to explain use of document, revisions, and notarization of client signature(s), if required.

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